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Blade Electrodes
SU3124070S Single Use Blade, 70mm Length
SU3124100S Single Use Blade, 100mm Length
SU3124150S Single Use Blade, 150mm Length
SU3124200S Single Use Blade, 200mm Length
3124070S Reusable Blade, 70mm Length
3124100S Reusable Blade, 100mm Length
3124150S Reusable Blade, 150mm Length
3124200S Reusable Blade, 200mm Length
Needle Electrodes
SU3124070N09 Single Use Needle, 70mm Length
SU3124100N09 Single Use Needle, 100mm Length
SU3124150N09 Single Use Needle, 150mm Length
SU3124200N09 Single Use Needle, 200mm Length
3124070N09 Reusable Needle, 70mm
3124100N09 Reusable Needle, 100mm
3124150N09 Reusable Needle, 150mm
3124200N09 Reusable Needle, 200mm
Arthroscopic Electrodes
3124180HD Reusable Arthroscopy Hook Dagger, 2.4 x 180
3124180H Reusable Arthroscopy Hook, 2,4 x 180
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