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Breathing Systems

Breathing Systems



Standard Y Piece Circuits
22P1822FF Circuit 1.8m length Basic Design
22P2422FF Circuit 2.4m Length Basic Design
22P1822FM10 Circuit 1.8m 22mm Conn/1.0m Limb
22P1822FM102L Circuit 1.8m 22mm Conn/1.0m Limb/2L Bag
Smooth bore Circuits
22SB1622FF Adult Smooth bore Circuit 1.6m
22SB1622FM10 Adult Smooth bore Circuit 1.6m/1.0m Limb
22SB1615FF Paediatric Smooth bore Circuit
X-Tendible™ Circuits
22XP1822FF Adult 1.6m X-Tendible™ Circuit
22XP2022FF Adult 2.0m X-Tendible™ Circuit
22XP1822FF102L Adult 1.8m X-Tendible™ Circuit plus 1.0m limb/2L Bag
Deluxe Bain Circuits
22B1822APL Deluxe Bain Circuit 1.8m, APL Valve/2L Bag
22B2422APL Deluxe Bain Circuit 2.4m, APL Valve/2L Bag
Mapleson Configuration
22MC1822APL Mapleson C Adult Bagging System 1.8m, APL Valve + 2L Bag
22MAM1822APL Mapleson A Magill System 1.8m, APL Valve/2L Bag
22MAL1822APL Mapleson A Parallel Lack System 1.8m, APL Valve/2L Bag
Jackson Rees & Ayres T Circuits
22JR0322 Jackson Rees Circuit 0.3m standard design
22JR03222L Jackson Rees Circuit 0.3m/2L Bag
22AT1622DS Ayres T Circuit 1.6m Fresh Gas Line/0.5L Bag/Double Swivel Elbow
22AT1622GS Ayres T Circuit 1.6m Fresh Gas Line/0.5L Bag/Gas Sampling Elbow
Tom Thumb Circuit
22IN1010 Neonatal Circuit. (Tom Thumb)


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